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* * This contains minor spoilers for the ending * *

I read the complete collection a few days ago but am only writing the review now since I actually have some time.
I haven't read too much Yuri manga because usually the stories aren't very good (or at least I don't think so), or I feel like the story is written for the male gaze and it's just creepy. But this story was a nice surprise, I'm glad to say.
First I want to say that I really loved the art of this manga. It's all very cute, the characters are easily identifiable and the only time the art got "sexy" was when sexy things were actually happening. Like there were no creep angles.
I also really liked the story. From friends to lovers. It all flowed very naturally to me. There wasn't any contrived drama there to keep Mariko and Akko apart. It all just...flowed so well for me!
Plus Mariko and Akko are just super cute together. All there dates were cute. And they're first time was just wonderful.
The supporting cast were all memorable and fun. Sugi-san is a playgirl type character who always has boys fawning over her, but she's always there for advice if Akko needs it. Plus I love how she never outed Mariko and Akko, even to their friends. Just made me smile. Tamanin was also just a pure delight. She's an otaku character who's not depicted as a loser creep. She was fun to be around and loved partying and life. It just left me with a happy feeling. Plus the end made me tear up. When Akko basically says "Just because we're friends doesn't mean we have to share everything together. But because we're friends they'll accept us." or something to that effect. I just...I really almost cried you guys.

This is one Yuri manga I highly recommend.

My Rating: 4/5

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